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Who We Are




Jay Brummett is a recovering command and control project manager who has been helping companies do twice the work in half the time for nearly 25 years.  He's led Agile transformations all over the world in all types of environments and wants to help you delight your customers and bring satisfaction to your teams.

Bekky Dunsworth has been voted "the most awesome lady on the planet" by her peers.  She specializes in merchandising, management, and strategic planning and can take an organization from zero to hero nearly overnight.  Bekky never lets shortsighted thinking get in the way of the long term greater good. 




Dan Greenberg is recovering from being commanded and controlled by waterfall managers.  He has a wealth of personal experience observing practices and philosophies that don't work and he now leverages that knowledge to use his powers for good and model the right behaviors.  Dan is an expert in simplicity.

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